How I Work?

Counselling & Coaching

Feeling stuck? Experiencing emotional difficulties and want to feel more at ease. We can all feel lost, unsure, confused, or unhappy at times which is part of being human.

You may be exploring counselling because something is happening right now which is causing you distress, or it may be something that has happened in the past which you would like to work through in a space where you will be listened to and heard. You may want to focus on your hopes and dreams and looking for support to take the first step. As a qualified counsellor and coach, I can help you to feel more at ease so that you can understand and manage whatever life throws at you. I believe that by working together you will be able to find the answers to enable you to live a meaningful life. You may finish counselling with a realisation that you have the ability to cope better when facing personal challenges. I work by responding to each of my client’s personal needs to enable you to move forward.

In our introductory session, we will discuss what brings you to counselling and what you would like to be different. We can explore whether you would prefer counselling or coaching. I will ask you questions to assess I have the skills to work with you and to complete an assessment to ensure your safety. An assessment may happen over several sessions to ensure a clear understanding of what is important to you and what you would like counselling to focus on.  

Counselling is usually a weekly session to explore your issues and it is useful for you to consider how long you would initially like to commit for. Some people like to commit for 6 - 20 sessions, while others prefer to keep it open ended. We will review how well we are working together and if it is meeting your needs every 6 sessions depending on how long you commit for.
Coaching is task focused that helps you to identify realistic goals and steps to achieve them. Coaching sessions are every four weeks for 90 minutes and the focus is forward thinking, and solution focused. We will have four sessions before having a review session which focuses on your strengths and goals. Although coaching can help you with low self-confidence, coaching can be limited in helping you address the root cause of a problem which may exist in your past. Coaching that bypasses a problem or does not identify when a self-limiting belief developed may not be effective in the long term. Counselling can address this gap by providing a space for you to explore how you think, feel and act so that you can develop an understanding that may help you address your problems. 

To prepare for our first paid coaching session, I will send you a pre-coaching questionnaire that explores your strengths, aspirations, and challenges. The questions help you to think about what you want in a way that is future focused.

If you are experiencing emotional difficulties that you would like to explore, counselling may be a helpful way to achieve this.

Face-to-face sessions are held in York at York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare on Tadcaster Road or Miller's Yard, Gillygate. 

Sessions can be provided online or by telephone based on your access to equipment and a confidential space to talk.

Online and telephone sessions are available to UK residents only.

Fees: £55 for 60 minute counselling session

I provide a 10% discount for block bookings of 4 sessions or more:

4 sessions £200
6 sessions £300


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