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About Me

Counsellor, Coach & Nurse


My name is Cheryl and I work in York, North Yorkshire. I  am a BACP registered counsellor and I have a MA in Psychotherapy with experience in a mental health charity and private practice. I also have over twenty years’ experience as a nurse working in NHS and local authority organisations with a focus on healthy lifestyles. I have eight years’ experience as a qualified corporate coach working with workplace difficulties, career development and improving health.

What does this range of experience mean to you? You can talk to me about health issues without feeling that you need to explain the condition or the medical process. I have experience of working with chronic conditions in a hospital and community setting.  I also have public health experience that focuses on prevention and better management of health. I have experience working in sexual health, maternal health, obesity and healthy living, and infectious diseases such as hepatitis.


As a coach I can bring a solution focused approach and together we can explore what you want to achieve instead of what you do not want and agree a plan together.


As a counsellor, we will work together to explore your experience in a person-centred way that helps you to understand how you think, feel and act. I have experience of working with a range of areas.

I describe myself as an integrative relational counsellor. My approach is integrative as I work to my wealth of experience and qualifications which means I have the ability to use a variety of psychological theory and tools that best meet your needs. This is always in discussion with you. Relational means that I value our relationship and I am interested in the dynamic between us. This may include noticing how our bodies feels and re-connecting the body and mind.  Sometimes we disconnect from the body when we feel distressed or want to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  I will work collaboratively with you to understand your experience. I believe that it is through relationships that we are able to develop, heal and grow.  

I work one-to-one with adults aged 18 and over who are experiencing emotionally difficulties and want to feel more at ease so that they can live a fulfilled life.

I am committed to offering a service which is welcoming to all backgrounds in a supportive and non-discriminatory manner. My pronouns are her/she.

I can support you with a range of issues that include:

Relationship difficulties

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

Feeling sad, low or numb

Feeling worthless

Having low self confidence

Having symptoms relating to trauma

Experiencing loss or bereavement

I can help you to make sense of what is happening in your life right now.

Get in touch to learn more.


Certificate Online and Telephone Counselling

MA Psychotherapy

TPC Health Coaching

ILM 5 Coaching & Mentoring

MSc Health Education & Health Promotion

BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies

I have attended a variety of professional development courses that include: working with the body (working with embodiment, developing somatic resources, the polyvagal theory), working with attachment, working with shame,  therapeutic writing, and working with bereavement.

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07928 648966

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